Instagram: Artful Communication


Ever since I was young I have enjoyed the art of photography. I truly believe in the saying that “a photo is worth a 1,000 words”. To me, photography goes beyond the equipment and camera settings. To take a photo, is to share a story, to let someone see what you see. If you gave ten people a camera and put them in the same place and told them to take five photos each, each photo would have a different perspective, because people view the world differently.

My love for photography is probably the reason Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I love that Instagram gives users the ability to see how other people view life through photographs. The fact that people can showcase their creativity through images of their surroundings, their food, or themselves, is one of the reasons the platform has been so successful. Even though Instagram has caused the explosion of selfies, brunch photos, and unrealistic expectations for travel, it has also allowed people to get a better view of someone else’s life. Words can be eloquent, dramatic, and expressive, but they will never be a photograph.

I also like how Instagram has evolved into a social media platform where it is okay to show one’s flaws and talk about things that are a bit taboo on other social media accounts. On Instagram, people can discuss their struggles, thoughts, and stories more freely.

I also like the various features of Instagram beyond simply posting photos or videos. I enjoy the messaging system, the stories, the opportunity to live stream, the ability to save posts, and the ability to connect with other users of the site.

If I could only keep one of my social media accounts and had to delete all the rest, I would keep my Instagram account. Why? I would keep it because Instagram allows me to be creative, it allows me to catch up on my friends lives, and it allows for increased freedom towards discussion of topics and thoughts. It’s not that other social media sites are not accomplishing these things, but Instagram does so with the use of photos, more so than words, which I find appealing.

Photography is an art, but it is also a form of communication. With a photograph people can express different tones, thoughts, opinions, and stories. Instagram is built on this communication form and allows for artistic expression through a simple snap, a majestic landscape, a picture of a dog, a photo of brunch, or even a selfie.

Peacock Feathers, Art, and Lemonade Stands: My Start in Marketing


There’s a story my dad likes to tell, of how when I was 10, I tried to sell peacock feathers on the side of our busy road with a sign that read, “Peacock feathers: pretty and tall or short and ugly”. This was one of my first attempts at marketing. Although it was largely unsuccessful, it was a major turning point in my life in deciding what I wanted to do as a career.

Marketing has always been a passion of mine. As a child, my marketing efforts extended past peacock feathers. I also sold “art” downtown for a dollar apiece and hosted lemonade stands during the summer in my grandparents neighborhood. I think what attracted me to the realm of marketing was the idea that I could connect with people through promoting my various products and services. I also liked the idea that I could convince people to buy something simply with words, explanations, or demonstrations.

When I was deciding what I wanted to major in for college I was torn. I loved animals, but I also loved the creative, progressive world of  marketing. Eventually, marketing won out and I do think I made the right choice. As a marketing student, I have been exposed to a broader view of what marketing truly is, beyond selling a product or service and have explored the various sides of marketing such as, research, sales, and digital marketing. My experience as a marketing student has been truly insightful, and I have immensely enjoyed my classes thus far, especially those that have focused on digital marketing.

If someone ever asked me, why am I studying marketing? I would answer like this. Marketing is a field that is not just numbers or words, it is a science of interactions, research, and promotion. It is the understanding of the customer’s mind and the process of bringing products or services to market that will satisfy a customer’s needs and wants. To successfully market is to think outside the box in the promotion of a product and to create a brand that remains in the customer’s mind. Marketing is not a one trick pony. Marketing is progressive and thus constantly evolving. When I was young, I used to say I could never work at a job where I did the same thing every day. As a Marketer, I won’t have to.